Bar & Nightclub POS

Speed at the point-of-sale is critical to any bar’s success and when it comes to speed, we exceed the limit. Digital Dining’s bar screen displays 48 “top sellers,” the items which typically account for over 80% of sales. ”Fast-Cash” sales couldn’t be quicker: Tap the drink items, the Cash button, and you’re done. Opening new tabs is just as simple: Tap the drink items, then the New Tab button, and the POS automatically creates a tab number. You can manually enter a customer’s name with a new tab. Using our pre-authorization feature, you can create a new tab by simply swiping a credit card. Later, when searching for a customer’s tab, you can sort open tabs with customer names by alphabetical order!

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Bar & Nightclub POS Highlights

  • Drink Doubles
  • Happy Hour Pricing
  • Speed Screen
  • Drink Recipes
  • Round Reorder
  • Security Camera Integration

Customizable POS

Customize all POS printing for checks, prep tickets, clock in/clock out slips, and server reports. Select the features you need for particular types of POS stations based on staff departments, time of day, and day of the week.

Happy Hour Pricing

The POS can automatically change menu item pricing based on the time or day for happy hour, entertainment, or other promotions. The POS can make up to 9 price changes per day.

Hide/Verify Card

After verifying a card, the POS hides the card from the Open Tab screen to minimize screen clutter. At the end of the night bartenders can easily adjust the tabs for tips and then close the tabs.

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