Cafeteria & Institution POS

Cafeteria POS

Institutions and cafeterias offer the food service professional many unique challenges, which Digital Dining can help solve. Digital Dining’s payment options are very flexible, offering the standard credit and cash options along with many other payment options, such as FreedomPay, Debitek, on-account charges with credit limits, and payroll deductions. Speed up lane-style cashiering with bar-codes on packaged food items and bar-coded checks for quick access and payment. Handle large groups with tray counts, subtotals for individual trays, and single final payment. Back-to-Back Cashier service can help you manage higher traffic volume through a single lane.

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Cafeteria POS Highlights

  • Tray Count
  • Bar Code Checks
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Scale Integration
  • Combo Meals
  • Customer Facing Display

Tray Count

Digital Dining allows you to provide on-screen tray subtotals to individuals in a large group before the final group check is printed. If needed, you can even print the final check subtotaled by person.

Back-to-Back Cashier

Digital Dining enables you to increase the transaction processing capacity of lane-style operations by using back-to-back cashiers during peak volume periods.

Customer Facing Display

Digital Dining is enabled to run on POS registers with programmable displays that can run any HTML presentation (dynamic or static) to promote sales while simultaneously displaying detailed check and subtotal information to customers.

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