Mobile & Tablet POS

DIGITAL DINING’s handheld solution will increase a restaurant’s overall performance, streamline its efficiencies, and thus increase profits. The wireless Handheld POS enables servers to take and fire orders in high volume venues without ever leaving the dining area or running to and from a stationary terminal. The Handheld POS is fully integrated with DIGITAL DINING’s standard suite, so you can add it to existing networks quickly and easily. The interface is consistent with the standard POS, so servers can start using it with almost no extra training. The Handheld POS also strengthens existing features, such as “item out alternatives,” by enabling servers to provide immediate feedback to customers. The Handheld POS also supports mobile credit card swipe devices, so servers can complete credit card transactions without ever removing the card from the customer’s sight.

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Mobile POS Highlights

  • Single Database
  • Faster Table Turns
  • On Screen Modification
  • Suggestive Selling
  • Menu Item Info W/ Allergy Alerts
  • Hold & Fire

Single Database

The Handheld POS system accesses the same database as your standard POS registers and updates transaction data in real time. Thanks to its integrated data architecture, it provides a robust and dynamic interface without a cumbersome third-party interface program, and you can ramp it up without recreating a whole new set of setup files.

Integrated Credit Cards

The Handheld POS provides customers with quicker service and better security from credit card “identity theft.” It supports portable credit card swipe devices, enabling servers to swipe a customer’s credit card and complete a transaction without ever removing the card from the customer’s sight. The it also supports portable belt printers, allowing servers to print credit card slips right at the table.

Improved Customer Experience

Our Handheld Restaurant POS can improve customer service by enabling your servers to stay on the floor where they’re needed. It allows servers to take and fire orders without ever walking to the kitchen … or even a standard workstation. In high traffic or arena environments, they allow servers to focus on serving customers, rather than running back and forth.

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