Pizza & Delivery POS

Pizza POS

The order begins when the telephone rings. Caller ID instantly displays your customer’s name, address, delivery instructions, and last order … with one touch reordering. Suggestive selling prompts … increase orders and promote new menu items. We’ve really “zoned in” on your customers with our “frequent diner” program which allows you to reward your frequent diners, identify your “lazy customers,” and issue coupons to keep them coming back.

DIGITAL DINING’s colorful highlighted maps quickly route your driver to your customer and back … ready for another run. Whether your operation is counter service and delivery or full service offering delivery … DIGITAL DINING delivers the features!

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Pizza & Delivery POS Highlights

  • Kitchen Video
  • Driver Dispatch
  • Frequent Diner
  • Delivery Labels
  • Caller ID
  • Credit Card Pre-Auth W/EMV

Counter Service POS

The Counter Service POS is a versatile tool that allows you to complete traditional in-store transactions, pickups, and pay transactions without any hassles. Staff can log in to any available Digital Dining virtual terminal to handle all counter service, dispatch or phone order transactions.

Dispatch Driver

Extensive POS reporting features make the dispatch register the cornerstone of your delivery system. Staff can use the dispatch register to print detailed maps of the quickest routes for delivery drivers. The Pay Driver Run feature allows the dispatcher to accept payments from multiple drivers within seconds.

Reward Tracking

Track customer purchases toward specified goals such as a specific dollar amount spent or number of a type of item purchased. Digital Dining’s customizable reports allow restaurants to track frequent dining customer purchases toward specified goals, such as a specific dollar amount or a specific quantity of a certain type of menu item.

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