Elevate You Restaurant’s Email Marketing Strategy

Heartland’s Email Marketing Solution Builds Brand Awareness and Increases Customer Engagement

Market smarter and save time with Heartland POS Email Marketing, designed to meet the unique needs of entrepreneurs and marketers like you. We understand what it takes to grow a restaurant business and want to ensure you still have time to run yours. That’s why with Heartland’s Email Marketing, you’ll save time and energy.

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Targeted Emails

Smart Email Marketing creates targeted emails with unique coupons to reduce fraud and theft.

Real-time CRM

Streamline your marketing with easy customer sign-ups, template-based emails and segmentation tools.

POS Integration

Email Marketing integrates right into Digital Dining. Employees simply enter or scan the email code to redeem at the point of sale. Restaurant owners will now know when a customer uses their coupons and if a promotion is working in real time.

60 Day Free Trial

Great News! Heartland Email Marketing is free to use for 60 days as part of Heartland Payment Systems welcome program. This program is available to new and existing Heartland clients. Interested in a 60-day free trial? Fill out the form below to get started.

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