Guestlist App

Wait List & Reservations

Get automatically-generated wait times based on the activity in your location at that second. Custom seating preferences, notes, and more give you serious control. Check people in from an iPad or smartphone, and call them back with a text message from a different device. All devices stay synced at all times.

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Guestlist Host App Highlights

  • Auto Generated Wait Times
  • Seating Preferences
  • Reservations via Your Website
  • Server Rotation Table Assignment
  • Text Based Notifications
  • Overbooking Control

Online Reservations

Stop paying other services to do something you can do yourself with Guestlist. Put a widget on your website that will book reservations out of your real-time inventory that feeds directly into the main Guestlist app.

Advanced Seating

Seamlessly move parties from the wait list to a table and back again. Guestlist will suggest a table or a section (depending on what you want) to maximize efficiency while at the same time being fair to your staff. Split parties over multiple tables, make easy transfers from one to another, custom notes, turn time counters, and much more. Simple to learn and use, but powerful enough to manage even the busiest of locations.

Text Notifications

Guests love them, and you will too. Instead of handing them a bulky pager, why not text their cell phone? It frees your guests from being stuck in your lobby, and at the same time extends the time they are willing to wait. They don’t want a text message, or you have a loud bar? Alert them with an automated call when their table is ready. You can integrate your existing pager system if you would like and extend its life by handing them out less frequently.

60 Day Free Trial

Great News! Xenail Guestlist is free to use for 60 days as part of Heartland Payment Systems Welcome program. This program is available to new and existing Heartland customers. Interested in 60 day free trial? Fill out the form below to get started.

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