Self-Service Kiosk POS

Self-Service Kiosk options allow your customers to order and pay for product without the need for a cashier. With Heartland Kiosks, you can process more orders, increase your average check, and reduce labor costs. Automated prompts guide your customer smoothly and effortlessly through the order screens. Our high definition graphical interface helps encourage upsell opportunities. Guests can pay at the terminal or bring a ticket to a central point for payment.

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Self-Service POS Highlights

  • Multiple payment options
  • Hardware freedom
  • Upsize/downsize options
  • Suggestive selling
  • Scale integration
  • On-screen customer assist


It’s 100% Digital Dining, no third-party applications to pay for and one point of control from the Back Office. Prompts and video guides keep the guest moving along quickly and easily.


Have items you do not want to offer kiosk guests? You can customize offerings by day and time. Cashier didn’t show up today? Convert a traditional terminal to kiosk mode and keep the line moving. Show a customer possible choices on the screen for upselling customization. Create awareness of ordering options for increased brand loyalty and guest satisfaction.


Drive guest behavior by providing bonus points for Digital Dining loyalty members who use kiosks and lower labor cost in the process. Upsell prompts encourage additional items, size increase, and can drive high margin items without slowing down the ordering process. Intelligent check profiling creates a dynamic offer environment, customizing the customer interaction for a truly unique buying experience.

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